Historical Sources

The historical sources themselves are the texts from which HEMA practitioners derive their reconstructed, interpretive art. Some are available freely online, some are available in print. Below is where you can find most of them.

The Wiktenauer

Wiktenauer (A pun off of "Wiki" and "Liechtenauer," the central figure associated with the largest corpus of extant German HEMA sources) is one of the greatest places to go to for beginning to study the sources. A large variety of texts from all over Europe from the 14th-18th centuries are hosted freely here, some with multiple translations. In some cases where there are multiple texts that support each other (such as in the case of Fiore's four extant works), they may even be organized side to side for easy comparison.

Click here for Wiktenauer

Printed Book Lists

Even before the modern HEMA movement as we know it started, there are a variety of printed works that can be of great importance for learning more about European fencing. Since then, the HEMA community has churned out dozens of books including facsimiles, translations, and interpretations. Below are two book lists: One hosted by HROAR and another hosted by Wiktenauer (specifically for self-published books on LuLu). Please note that these lists are by no means definitive, and the constantly changing nature of HEMA means that some books may contain outdated information that is of little use. For students who are looking to make a well-informed purchasing decision, it's always possible to consult us in person for book recommendations depending on your field of study.

Printed Book Publishers

There are some HEMA-focused publishers that are directly responsible for bringing works into the community. Below are some publishers that have a further variety of available material.

Other Digital Sources

Oftentimes facsimiles, translations, and interpretations are released in digital form by various individuals and clubs for public use. These can be found scattered around the internet (many of them hosted by HROARR, linked above). For students of Resurgam, we have a small digital library of sources focused on our area of study available.