Instructor: Seth Robinson

Seth Robinson Instructor Photo.jpg

combining the old and the new

Seth brings his experience in traditional martial arts and modern teaching methods to teach swordplay to the individual, guiding them to using force safely and responsibly for self-improvement and enrichment.

Seth's first exposure to fencing was in 2009 when he studied briefly with the Blades Society at the University of Maine, Orono. Some time later he found out that the original historical texts detailing sword fighting techniques still survived and started reading his first copy of Agrippa, stick in hand.

In 2011 Seth joined the Cateran Society where he trained under Mat Park and Founder Chris Thompson until eventually completing the Society's broadsword curriculum and earning the rank of 5th Degree Mentor or Cateran.

In 2012 Seth joined the HEMA Alliance and started independently studying longsword with some friends and later an impromptu sparring group. Eventually he would decide to switch his focus from the early Lichtenauer Tradition to Fiore's Armizare. It was this experience along with the theory and practice of the Cateran Society that Seth originally used when he started Resurgam in July of 2015.

in 2014, he started studying Ving Tsun Kuen at the Portland school of Kung Fu, where he still studies to this day. The traditional method of transmission helps with gaining insight into the nature of fencing techniques in addition to being good training for form and posture.

In terms of modern authors on martial arts, Seth's biggest influences are Chris Thompson, Guy Windsor, and Bruce Lee.