The Resurgam HEMA Library

Resurgam HEMA offers a small collection of study material available to students to check out and take home. Due to the nature of limited printings and rarity of some HEMA texts, some books may be designated as "in-class use only," as some books may be impossible to replace if lost. Similarly, if one of the books we have goes out of print its designation may be switched to "in-class use only."

Current Titles in the Library

In-Class Use Only

The Flower of Battle of Master Fiore Friulano deʼi Liberi - The Wiktenauer Fiore Concordance

Available for Checkout

The Art of the Two Handed Sword - Ken Mondschein

Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword - Guy Windsor

Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 3: Advanced Longsword - Form and Function - Guy Windsor

The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts - Guy Windsor

Historical European Martial Arts in its Context: Single-Combat, Duels, Tournaments, Self-Defense, War, Masters and their Treatises - Richard Marsden

Flowers of Battle, Vol. 1: Historical Overview and the Getty Manuscript - Tom Leoni and Gregory Mele

Flowers of Battle, Vol. 3: Florious de Arte Luctandi - Ken Mondschein and Gregory Mele

The Flower of Battle - SdA Study Copy of the Getty Manuscript

Introduction to Italian Longsword - DVD from Academie Duello

Coming Soon

Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 1: The Medieval Dagger - Guy Windsor

The Art of Swordfighting in Earnest - Guy Windsor

The Knightly Art of Battle - Ken Mondschein

Flowers of Battle, Volumes 2, 4 & 5