Currently we have one class a week, every Saturday from 4-7 pm. Our material focuses on the Sword in Two Hands as laid out by Fiore de'i Liberi in his text Il Fior di Bataglia. Our curriculum also uses supplemental information from a variety of sources including Philippo di Vadi's De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, the manuscript known as the Anonimo Riccardiano, and various texts from what is referred to as the Bolognese School, most notably Antonio Manciolino and Achille Marozzo's two texts (both with the same name) Opera Nova.

In addition, the last class of every month is a Dagger class, focusing on techniques applicable to cut and thrust daggers (sometimes referred to as the Pugnale Bolognese) from the aforementioned and other sources.

We hope to eventually expand our offerings into a complete Wrestling & Dagger curriculum, and two more classes including Sword & Buckler and Polearms.