Becoming a Member

How do I join?

Joining is simple. After doing the following, you can attend classes regularly:

  1. Contact us, ask questions, and see if we're right for you.

  2. Come over and watch a class for yourself.

  3. Get your Resurgam HEMA Membership.

How does membership work?

Resurgam HEMA is an affiliate of a larger parent organization called the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance (HEMAA). All students of the club must also be HEMAA individual members.

To simplify, you must maintain two memberships:

  • A yearly HEMA Alliance (HEMAA) Membership ($26/year) to cover insurance - the first two months are free.

  • A monthly Resurgam HEMA membership ($50/month) to cover club costs.

Both our club and our parent organization HEMAA use the same platform for managing memberships, which is called TidyHQ. You can make one TidyHQ account and manage all your memberships; links to both are on the buttons below.

To go into more detail:

In order to retain insurance and cover costs, each individual student must be a member of the HEMA Alliance in addition to paying club dues as a member of Resurgam HEMA. Resurgam HEMA is a HEMA Alliance Affiliate, meaning we are essentially a branch of their organization. You must be a member of the Alliance to attend our class and be a member of Resurgam. New students get a free two-month membership to get started so you won’t have to worry about immediately making a commitment. After those two months though, you will need to become a HEMA Alliance member. We must have proof of your HEMAA membership for you to continue to attend class - forwarding your confirmation e-mail to us is probably the most efficient way to do this. We can work out any questions about the process when you first contact us.

Below are the links for managing memberships.

Resurgam Membership Dues - 100% of Resurgam HEMA membership dues go directly to the club. Budget items include rent for our indoor practice space, purchasing and maintaining equipment for club use, scheduling events, and building and maintaining the club library. Membership fees can be paid monthly or annually. We advise that you contact us and observe a class before you commit to paying dues.

HEMA Alliance Membership - Once the two-month intro membership is up, all Resurgam students must also be individual members of the HEMA Alliance. Click the button below and select the "memberships" tab. For a discounted individual price, select the In-Network Discounted Alliance Membership.